It never fails to amaze me just how far the gene pool gets stretched. If you want a great laugh read some of the comments that people leave on articles written on ESPN or Let me share with you now a few of my favorites.

Trade for Lincecum and give Joba, Pena, and Posada in exchange. Sounds like a good deal!

This serves notice on Arod that he will be traded in the next 2 years once his skills completely disintegrate.

He was a great player, no one will deny that. At this stage in his career he is not the same player he was the last 10 years. It is not a knock on Jeter, it is just natural players performance diminishes once they are past their prime and get older. The team has to win and they have to do whatever is required to be competitive. You cannot pay an aging player $20+ mil and still have money to fill other needs. Yanks did that mistake with Alex and can not repeat the same as it will set the team back for many years.

So the Yankees lost ! ! NO BIG DEAL anyway. They just got too COCKY for their own good. (Espacially JETER)
GO RED SOX! ! ! ! !

Come on Cashman; throw tons of money at a way-over-the-hill SS that no one else wants. You’ve already done that at 3B so why not keep it up.

Cliff Lee is probably the most dominant pitcher in all of Baseball today, and it’s unlikely he’s going to diminish much at least in the next 5 years.


Great stuff huh? Now the fun part, I will tear apart the losers that wrote these comments on various blogs.

-Trade for Lincecum. First off Why would the Giants even think about Tradeing one of the greatest young talents in the game that their entire team is built around. But ok lets pretend for a moment that they were interested in dealing Tim to the Yankees, would they want Joba,Pena and Posada? You could not even get to borrow him for game for that. It would be more like Cano,Hughes,Montero and a couple more minor leaguers to start.

– What would make anyone believe the Yankees will trade the best hitter in baseball within the next two years. When did A-Rods skills disintegrate. Gee the A-rod that I saw last year missed like 30 games and still hit 30 HR and hit 125 RBI’s . He also had only 7 errors all year. Is this the kind of defense you get from someone with diminished skills?

– the Idiot that says Jeter is cocky should be shot. Jeter is probably the most professional guy in the game and always gives everyone else the credit. He sweats class.

– I am really tired of everyone saying Jeter is over the hill or done. Look at all the other short stops in the American Leagues numbers and show me five that are better? He had an off year at the plate, he hasn’t had two or three bad seasons just one. Is it not reasonable to believe that next year considering his work ethic and his skills that next year he will be back to hitting close to .300? In 2009 Jeter hit .334 won a gold glove, a silver slugger and the Hank Aaron Award. Due to the fact that in 2010 he had a fielding % of .989 with only 6 errors all season which is better than he was in 2009 Im prepared to say he had an off year at the plate. I think if you asked around just about every team would love to have Jeter so to say nobody wants him is just ignorance. How has the signing of A-rod diminished the Yankees? Seems to me he carried them to a World Series in 2009 and in April of that year he was the Yankees only offence.

– Lastly the commenter that said that Lee is the most dominate pitcher in baseball may be right. ( some would argue its Sabathia) but to say that a 32 year old pitcher will not diminish over the next five’s years is obviously someone who is not in their 30’s . The aches and pains of your 20’s are the dl trips in your 30’s. Im not saying that its not a smart move to sign Lee im just saying they should have realistic expectations about what you will get from a pitcher once they are on the end of that deal.

So in closing people are idiots and it was fun to call them out. Keep saying stupid things folks and I will keep calling you out.