Ok this isn’t per say a Yankees thing but as a Yankees fan its always been a god given right for us to laugh at the Red Sox. The latest thing to make me laugh is the David Ortiz situation.

The Red Sox hold a one year club option on Ortiz for 12.5 million dollars. Yes 12.5 million dollars for a 34 year old DH who however did come off one of his better seasons. Is David getting better? No. Has David lost bat speed? Yes David is an all or nothing kind of hitter he either hits a ball hard or he gets out. He doesn’t play in the field and cant run the bases as well as most catchers in the league. Last season he hit .270 is that respectable? Yes it is for a short stop or a catcher but not for a DH. Your DH should be a professional hitter. He has the power numbers with 32 HR and 103 RBI which is great, but his lack of ability to play a position in the field , run the bases or hit for average makes him less than desirable. The Red Sox have until three days after the WS to decide on Big Papis option. Now the funny part wait for it.. wait.. ok David says that he is not entirely comfortable with them picking up his option and that he wants a long term deal. He states  that with "As soon as you struggle for a week, it’s going to be the same thing. People saying you are old, saying you have no bat speed anymore. People talking all kind of crap. It’s hard to avoid that because it’s all over the place.” David David David. If you get a long term deal it would be worth less than your option for one year is worth and you would probably be DFA’d before the end of it anyhow. If Boston is merciful enough to pick up your 12.5 million dollar option you should kiss the ground on which they walk.

As a Yankees fan I hope they give him anything he wants because hes not getting any better kids.