I have the feeling that things in this offseason will happen quickly. It seems that The Yankees are working on a new Three Year deal for Manager  Joe Girardi . Those of you who thought that they might not bring Joe back should put down the Crack pipe. In three years he has a WS Victory and a trip to the ACLS. The contract will be worth between nine and tem million dollars which is a raise from his current seven and a half  million .

CC Sabathia will undergo knee surgery to repair a torn right meniscus. This seems to be a minor surgery that will not delay his offseason. Don’t you worry the big guy will be ready when camp opens in a few months.

The Yanks have declined Options on Nick Johnson, Kerry Wood and Lance Berkman. There are no surprises here. I would be surprised if any of these players end up back in pinstripes. The only one I would even consider would be Kerry Wood. Especially with the fact that Damaso Marte wont even be throwing a baseball before next years all star break. If it were me I might be willing to offer him a 2 year 12 million dollar deal. But on the other hand with his injury record it is a risk. Berkman, is a great player and well liked but I wouldn’t expect the Yankees are going to pay him what he is worth to be their DH. He will land somewhere as an everyday first baseman, perhaps back in Huston where they can trade him back to the Yankees at next years deadline if needed. I would bring back Marcus Thames to platoon as DH with Jorge Posada and another Veteran outfielder type. As for Nick Johnson he is just a walking accident waiting to happen.

After the World Series the Yankees and I’m sure allot of other teams will be throwing allot of money at Cliff Lee . Apparently Lee’s wife Kristen took offence to the behaviors of the fans at Yankee Stadium but lets be real, she will not take offence at 100 million dollars. For that amount of money you can call me all the names you want. Lee was pretty human tonight as the Giants roughed him up to take game one of the World Series. The Yankees like many other teams will be looking for starting pitching. Tomorrow we will look at who is or might be available via free agency or trade. Till then don’t forget to follow us on Twitter at YankeesMagazine