In a surprise move Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman has fired pitching coach Dave Eiland. Cashman states it is for private reasons and has nothing to do with how poorly the Yankees pitched in the ACLS. Eiland missed part of the season for personal reasons and its believed that AJ Burnetts downfall happened during his absence.

The Yankees are not expected to pick up options on Nick Johnson or Lance Berkman. They also hold an option on Kerry Wood for 11 million. Obviously an absurd amount of money. However I would like to see the Yankees work out a deal to bring him back for a lesser amount. I would definitely give him 5 million on a one year deal.

Cashman states that They will begin negotiations with Joe Girardis agents about his new contract which hopefully they can wrap up quickly so that they can turn focus to resigning Jeter, Rivera and hopefully Pettitte.

Im so tired of listening to analysts say that Jeter is washed up and has lost a step. That is silly look at his numbers for the past three years besides batting average he is in tune with his normal numbers in every other catagory. Except fielding  where he actually had the best season ever with only six errors and .989 fielding percentage. OK he batted .270 this season down from his normal .300. Jeter is the kind of guy that will work harder than anyone in the offseason and comeback next year and bat .320. One genius over at espn said that Jeters value was only 7million a year. Where do they find these guys. Dont worry Jeter will be back and my guess is at around 17 or 18 mill a year with incentives.