The hot stove season will soon be upon us and there will be many questions that will need to be answered.

1. Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera’s contract

2. Joe Girardis contract

3. Will Andy Pettitte be back?

4. Will the Yankees pursue Cliff Lee

5. Will they go after any free agent relievers

6. Who will be the Yankees fifth starter?

These and many other questions will need to be answered but don’t expect any answers any time soon . After the World series you may see some discussions but i don’t think anything will happen until at least mid November. My predictions? Pettitte will be back one more year, at 12 million. Lee will sign with the Yankees for a four year deal worth around 90million with incentives that will put it up around 100mill. Mariano will get a two year deal worth around 21 million, Jeter will sign a three year deal worth 60 million dollars, Girardi will get three years 7.5 million. Ivan Nova will be the fifth starter. Obviously Vazquez will be gone. There are already talks circulating of him perhaps going to the Nationals. The Yankees hold a club option on Berkman for 11 million but i doubt the Yankees will exercise this. They will probably take the two million dollar buy out. The Yankees also hold an 11 million dollar option on Kerry Wood which I think the Yankees may pick up. The Yankees hold a buyout on Nick Johnson which they will certainly exercise there  is no way they pick up his option. Some players that may are not under contract that may get an offer or at least an invite to spring training include Austin Kerns, Marcus Thames, Boone Logan, Sergio Mitre, Chad Moeller, and Chad Gaudin. There are also contracts for Phil Hughes who will certainly  get a long term deal, Joba Chamberlain who will probably get another one year deal. As well as Cervelli who may get a multi year deal or may go year to year. There are a couple of other players mainly pitchers that may just get released or offered minor league deals with a spring training invite. We will talk about those as they unfold.

But time will tell, I could be dead wrong, but usually im pretty much dead on. What do you think?