acls Not only does it count it gives you an advantage. Coming into the season the Rangers roster had a total of 81 games of combined post season experience, that total for the Yankees is 601.

In the post season every pitch counts and an experienced club like the Yankees facing elimination knows that. It may be difficult for the Rangers not to take relief in the fact that if it goes to a game seven that they have Cliff Lee on the mound. It would be a grave mistake to find comfort in anything against a team with so much post season experience against a team that has no relief and feels no mercy for its opponents. One mistake can mean a win or a loss and from the experience standpoint the Yankees have a huge upper hand. Ill be the first to admit that the Yankees are the ones with their backs against the walls but if for one minute the Rangers don’t treat this game as if they are also facing elimination they will most likely be facing such a threat against the all time post season wins leader  in the history of baseball in Andy Pettitte on Saturday.