The Yankees backs are against the wall, the bull pen is a beaten up mess and Mark Texieria is likely out for the rest of the season with a hamstring injury, but its not over till its over and all hope is not lost. In order for the Yankees to get back in this they need CC Sabathia to due what he always does in this situation and that is win. Not just win but go at least 7 and a third. If Sabathia can go at least 7 hopefully eight and Mariano can get the final 4 or 5 outs than the Yankees are back in it. If they have to rely on their bull pen then its over. You have to give credit where credit is due Texas is a hell of a good team and they have not been lucky they have been beating the Yankees with good pitching and timely hitting. There isn’t much else to say, CC is taking the ball and its win or go home. Hopefully the Yankee bats can give him the run support that they have been all season.