I think after Roy Halladay giving up two HR in a Loss to the Giants you cant predict baseball.

The double steal against the Yankees in the first inning was a good move and may have pumped up the Rangers but to say that the mojo is now in the Rangers favor is ridiculous. The Yankees lost that game because they didn’t get good starting pitching and timely hitting, period. Everyone is saying that Cliff Lee is a sure thing in game three, but lets remember who he is facing. If you are one who put faith in the numbers, there are five Yankees that have better than a 300 batting average against Lee and they have a combined eleven HR against him. I dont believe for just one minute that Lee is a sure thing and cant be gotten to. As a team the Yanks bat .280 vs Lee. As for Pettitte has 19 post season wins more than anyone in history. So should we believe for just one minute that the Rangers have some sort of advantage now because they won a game and have Lee on the mound? Well we have Pettitte on the mound and the next three games will be played in our house. I have to think the Advantage is on the Yankees side now. What are the odds of losing three games at home to the Rangers with Sabathia and Pettitte pitching? If the Rangers win this series its because they are a better team.