Tomorrow and Wednesday the Yankees will have simulated games in preparation for the start of the American League Championship Series on Friday.

According to Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman the Simulated games will give the pitchers that we did not see in the ALDS a chance to show what they have and prove that they are sharp and ready to go. Tomorrow Chamberlain, Moseley, Mitre, Logan,Wood and Robertson will pitch to Cervelli, Kerns, Pena and Golson. Wood and Robertson did pitch  in the division series but they are short relievers and need to get their side work in.

The Yankees will likely go with a four man rotation which will include AJ Burnett as the likely starter in game four. My best guess is Sabathia in game one then Pettitte and Hughes once they return to Yankee stadium. This would leave game four to AJ Burnett. However  If game four is an elimination game they will probably start Sabathia on short rest. If this is not the case than I will jump around the stadium on one foot naked. That’s pretty certain.

The next question is who will be the opponent? I’m going with the Rangers, Cliff Lee is one tough customer and I think he is going to be awesome and the Rangers will advance. What does this mean for the Yankees? A game five in this Series means that Game one will feature either the Rays or the Rangers without their number one starter. I think at this point anyone that wants to bet against a Yankees v Phillies World Series would be soon parting with their money.