The Yankees have taken a commanding 2-0 lead in the ALDS and they did it on the road. Seems all the people over at ESPN and The MLB network are eating a big plate of crow today after last nights game. I kept my mouth shut when they were writing garbage about all the question marks in the Yankees rotation and how good a team the Twins are. Seems to me for a guy who is soo “injured” Andy Pettitte pitched pretty darn good last night going seven innings and only allowing two runs on five hits. People, Pettite is the all time playoff leader in wins. Did you really think he was going to start game two and lay an egg? Things dont get any easier for the Twins as they travel to NY they will face Phil Hughes in game three. Hughes went 18-8 in the regular season and although is subject to the long ball he is no slouch. If they should somehow get by Hughes they will have to beat Sabathia at home where he is 11-2 and has an ERA of 3.00. The Twins to put it bluntly are still not that elite team that they would need to be to take three in a row from the Yankees in the playoffs.