The Yankees ended the regular season with a loss to Boston which turned out to be a meaningless game as the Rays beat the Royals in extra innings clinching the Division. 

So as the Wild Card winner the Yankees will be traveling to Minnesota. The only disadvantage to going as the Wildcard is that the Twins will get an extra home game should there be a game five. CC Sabathia will without a doubt  be the game one starter for the Yankees. If I had to bet money I would bet on him winning as well. The Yankee have not announced who will be the game two starter. Conventional wisdom says it will be Andy Pettitte, however Phil Hughes has been better on the road than at home and Allowing Pettite to start game three at Yankee Stadium somehow seems fitting. Game four may be AJ Burnett but the possibility of Sabathia on short rest is not unrealistic or unlikely.  So the schedule will go something like this. Wednesday night 8:37pm, Thursday 6:07pm Friday will be a day off before heading to Yankee Stadium for an 8:37 start. Game four will also be at the stadium if necessary time TBA.

The Rangers will be traveling to Tampa for a showdown with the Rays. Predictions Yankees in four and Rangers in five.