As the post season approaches so do roster and rotation questions. The only thing you can put your money on is that CC Sabathia will be the number one starter. If the Yankees are on the road for game two I believe the smart move is to start Phil Hughes who has been much better on the road than at home. This would also let Andy have an extra day to rest his ailing back. As far as a number four starter I don’t have an answer. AJ Burnett has been awful but has the potential to be great. If it were me I would start AJ and have Nova ready to go in case he doesn’t have it early. This would mean a very short leash. If AJ starts getting hit he should be pulled to limit the Damage. So this being said my prediction for the rotation looks like this.

1. CC Sabathia

2. Phil Hughes

3. Andy Pettite

4. AJ Burnett

5. Ivan Nova ( doubles as a long reliever)

The position players are easy

6. Jorge Posada

7. Mark Texieria

8. Robinson Cano

9. Derek Jeter

10. Alex Rodriguez

11.Nick Swisher

12 Curtis Granderson

13. Brett Gardner

Some of the rest is open to guesswork this is mine

14. Mariano Rivera

15. Joba Chamberlain

16. Kerry Wood

17. Boone Logan

18. David Robinson

19. Fransisco Cervelli

20. Lance Berkman

21. Austin Kerns

22. Marcus Thames

23. Chad Gaudin

24. Ramiero Pena

25. Greg Golson

The Carrying of Golson would be good to play small ball late in the game because of his speed on the bases and he has a cannon in the field. If the Yankees don’t carry Golson they might carry Nunez who is also fast but would provide an extra infielder. Or perhaps another arm in the pen like Sergio Mitre. Personally I would rather have the pinch runner. In a game five or seven CC or Pettite will be first to volunteer to come in and pitch an inning.

ITs a dead tie for the division lead right now the Yankees need to win more of the next three games than the Rays its as simple as that. A tie wont do it as the Rays took the season series so in that aspect right now thier fate is not all in their hands.