Everyone needs to step away from the ledge, Jeter is not done, old , or over the hill. Everyone goes through slumps and Derek Jeter is no exception. Right now the entire team is slumping and people are looking at places to point fingers. Derek is the Yankees and he will bounce back there is no dought. The Yankees would obviously like to win the AL East but does it really matter as long as they make the play offs? It would take a huge slump for the Yankees to not make the playoffs at this point. Lets remember that the Yankees are the only team in baseball that has not lost four games in a row all year. With Tampa’s loss today the Yankees still hold on to their .5 game lead in the division. Tommarow the Yankees head to Tampa and hope to come out still with the lead. This is being sold as the biggest series of the year but the simple truth is both teams are going to the playoffs so it really doesnt matter. What does matter is getting everyone healthy and decideing who should be on the post season roster. Do the Yanks carry extra arms in the bull pen or is a deeper bench more beneficial. Do they want to carry a pinch runner such as Greg Golson? Who will get the Job as the long man in the bull pen? Who will be the starter of game to AJ? Hughes? Pettitte? and speaking of Pettite will he be 100%? Who will be the eighth inning set up guy? and of course will Derek Jeter come out of his slump and lead this team to another WS Championship? Back tomorrow with my predictions?