Hold on tight kids here comes the stretch run. The first thing we should probably talk about is who will the Yankees call up in September when the rosters expand. Theoretically they could call up everyone on the 40 man roster but do to the fact that their is still baseball going on in Scranton and thats not the Yankees way to butcher them, who will immediately make an impact? This is who I think will get the nod initially. 1.Jonathan Albaladejo – Having a killer year in the minors as a closer. 2.Juan Miranda- Has already made a cameo appearance and has shown to have a little pop in his bat. 3. Greg Golson – super fast and would be useful as a pinch runner off the bench. 4.Romulo Sanchez – Has limited big league experience as a reliever with the Pirates where in 32 IP he gave up 31 hits with a Whip of 1.31 this year at Scranton he is 10-8 with an era under 4 in 100 innings. 4. You would think that they will bring up a catcher, a month ago I would have said it would be Chad Moeller but Jesus Montero has been on fire not only at the plate but has shown good defense behind it as well. If he is the Catcher of the future lets see what he can do with few games in a playoff race. At the end of the Minor league season their will certainly be more called up if only to sit around on the bench and suck in the air of a major league clubhouse.
But the biggest addition the Yankees should get in September will be getting some of their players off the DL. The News with Andy Pettitte seems to be good news and if all continues to go as planned he should be returning as well as Arod, Aceves, and Berkman. The Yankees have a bit of an easy streak ahead with 7 games between the A’s and the O’s. The Rays have to face the Jays and the Red Sox during their next ten. So here it goes the only time I will ever utter these words “GO RED SOX!!!”