The Yankees have lost two straight and Tampa has won three straight moving into a tie for first place. Should we be worried? No I don’t think so. The Yankees are in a mini slump, mainly because of their inability to preform against pitchers they are unfamiliar with. NY is definitely the better team and I have no doubt in my mind will ultimately win the division. Will Tampa make it interesting? Yes they will. However In my rankings Tampa has actually slipped to the third best team in the AL as Texas has taken over the Number two ranking in Rooks top five. Here is how I see them in the official Rook power Rankings
1. Yankees
2. Rangers
3. Rays
4. Twins
5. Angels
In the National league its
1. Braves
5. Giants

I have the most probably World Series as Yankees vs Braves at 36% Chance.

The Yankees are also worried about a couple of minor injury’s as A_Rod left after the 4th inning and is Day to Day and Swisher is likewise. Tomorrow night the Yankees have Sabathia on the mound against Verlander should be a classic match up. However Sabathia is the best pitcher in the AL right now and Verlander is not. Mark it down another Yankees win.