AJ Burnett seems to be back to himself with the return of Dave Eiland but the bull pen is another story. With AJ it was just mental with the pen they just suck. Lets take a look at the relievers and thier ERA’s and results so far. Boone Logan 3.93 20 hits in 18 innings  grade C+ Joba Chamberlain  5.40 ERA 37 hits in 33 innings  Grade D Chad Gaudin ERA 6.95 ERA 42 hita in 33 innings  Grade F Damaso Marte 4.60 ERA 10 hits in 15 innings  Grade C+ Chan Ho Park 6.66 ERA 32 Hits in 25 innings  Grade F Mariano Rivera .086 ERA 13 hits in 31 innings 3 earned runs Grade A+ David Robertson 6.15 34 hits in 26 innings Grade F This is Dismal very very bad. The Yankees cannot win another championship with this kind of Pen. Sergio Mitre and Alfredo Aceves are beginning the Re-hab portions of their disabled list stays but they are both a couple of weeks off minimum. Dustin Mosley has been brought up because the Yankees did not want to lose him. He had an out if not called up. So the Yankees sent Boone Logan down.  There will be a shake up soon and I think they need to make a deal for a dependable Veteran before the deadline. Jonathon Albaladejo should be on his way to the Bronx soon and dont be suprised if a deal is made for a reliever during the all star break. Also watch Eric Wordekemper  who has just been promoted to AAA I predict we may see him before its all said and done. Their are alot of relievers out Their so we will just have to wait and see.