It was an inter league game last season ( I believe against the Nationals) that was a turning point for the Yankees. Not that the Yankees need a turning point but they have been a little flat on this road trip. Don’t be surprised that a big win like this doesn’t set the Yankees off on an offensive tear that will see them destroy smaller market teams over the next couple of weeks. The Yankees flight home is a little bit happier today after a huge win over the Dodgers that kept them at two games over the surging Red Sox for the division lead. The Rays have fallen off as predicted and hold on to third place but I still think ultimately will regroup and finish a solid second.  The Red Sox are in big trouble with injuries and it will start to show now that inter-league is over and they have to face tougher teams in the AL.  The next 13 games for the Yanks are agains the Mariners, A’s and Jays hardly the best in the biz while the Red Sox will face the Rays five times over their next 13 games. They also face some pretty bad birds like the J’s and the O’s. The next 13 games is the entire season for the Blue jays they play nine of the next 13 between the Yankees the Red Sox and the Twins. A bad showing will all but finish them for the season and make them sellers at the deadline.

Speaking of the trading deadline, what do the Yankees need? I say bull-Pen and a Veteran bench option.  Ty Wiggington? Jose Guillen?  How about Scott Downs or Kerry Wood for the bull-pen. Perhaps the return of Octavio Dotel could be in order. If anyone says Kyle Farnsworth I will ban your IP address.