Well the Yankees so far in Arizona have a split with the rubber game tonight. Game one was Aj Burnett who after starting the season great suddenly cant locate his fastball which makes his curve not very effective. All this equals getting hammered by the lowly Diamondbacks. Game two was another gem by Andy Pettitte, there is already talk of him starting the all-star game. Gotta think him or Phil hughes could have a shot. Especially with Joe Girardi as the coach. Here is a look at tonights line-up:

Derek Jeter SS
Nick Swisher RF
Mark Teixeira 1B
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Robinson Cano 2B
Francisco Cervelli C
Curtis Granderson CF
Brett Gardner LF
Javier Vazquez RHP

After Catching Posada two days in a row its Cervelli back behind the plate tonight as the Yankees don’t want to push their luck with him. So Jorge gets the night off with no need for a Dh in the National league. However I would not be surprised with the day off tomorrow if he pinch hits late if needed.

Why is it that everyone thinks the Yankees need to get a pitcher at the Trade deadline? Have you looked at our rotation? Where would you put a Lee or an Oswalt. You aren’t going to send Burnett to the bull-pen and Vazquez is pitching great so why waste the money? However a bull pen arm that could start if needed would not hurt. I wouldn’t mind seeing a little outfield depth as well. Could Ty Wiggington be a target? If the Yankees decide on a little more power in the middle infield reserves. I dont think so. I think the Yankees like what they get from Russo and Pena. I think that Lee will wind up on the Yankees in the off season if Pettitte decides to retire and Crawford may end up in pinstripes if the Yankees don’t resign Swisher. I would say both of those are 50/50 right now as far as getting done.

Here are a couple of predictions; 1. Arod and Texeria will continue to heat up and should be down right scarey in another week or so.

2. Robinson Cano will have a slump and his batting average may drop into the 360’s. Just kidding.

3. Javy Vazquez will flirt with a no hitter tonight through seven innings.

4. The Diamondbacks suck. (oh wait thats not really a prediction is it?)

5. the Yankees with a series victory tonight and a sweep of the dodgers this weekend will sit three games ahead of the Rays and Four away from the Red Sox come Monday.