Yes everyone knows how good Roy Halladay is and how well he pitches against the Yankees. In the National league this season he has been just as dominating as ever. Ok already heres the ” but” the Phillies arent that good a team. Plus the fact that in games where Halladay wasn’t throwing a perfect game in his last five outings he has come away with only one win and has four loses. The problem mainly revolves around the lack of run support and the bullpen really hasn’t helped either. Yes their was the perfect game, but that was a one in a lifetime thing most likely.
CC Sabathia hasn’t been all roses either, against teams not named the Orioles he has been less than stellar. That being said lets remember that when it comes to the big game there is nobody you would rather have on the mound than him. He seems to clamp down focus more and have better stuff when the pressure is on. Now the pressure really isn’t on. It is false pressure generated by the Media. But that doesn’t mean this game wont be fun.