The Birds continue to play horrible baseball with horrible fielding and horrible pitching. Makes me almost feel bad for them as the Yanks pumple them night after night. But hey its a good confidence booster for any of the Yanks that are in little funks at the plate, or big funks,(coughing the word Texieria).
Tonight the Yanks will hope for the sweep again as AJ Burnett will take the mound against Rookie Jake Arrieta and his MLB debut. Im sure it will have all the feeling and buzz of Strassburgs. (sarcasm) Actually the Yankees often struggle against pitchers they have never seen before, so we will see. Chances are even if he pitches good he wont go the distance and the sloppy fielding and horible bull pen will give the Yanks the sweep as they ready themselves for a series against the Astros. Yea I know the Astros arent good either. Just think confidence builder.