Besides the obvious buzz around the big leagues about Steven Strassburgs magnificent debut. The buzz around Yankees land is Brett Gardeners thumb.Brett has had intermittent problems with it since it was broken last season. He is out of tonights line up against the orioles and has gone for x-rays just to make sure it is ok. Prognosis is good forit just being a fluky thing and him being back in the line up tomorrow. Jorge Posada caught a bull pen and is getting closer to being ready to get behind the plate but probably not this week. Alex Rodriguez is still nurcing a sore groin. ( to which his wife clicked likes this on facebook) He still is in the lineup on a daily basis but Joe says he will get a day off or dh when possible.

The Bombers remain 2 games behind the Rays and are as we speak playing the Orioles, which seems to be a bit like batting practice considering they dont even have 20 wins. But right now the Yankees are losing 1-0 in the third. Somehow I dont think this will be the final score. Just a hunch.