As you can see there will be ups and downs during the course of every season. We have won a couple of one run games which by the way was something we haven’t really been good at of late. Mariano picked up two saves in the same day the second of which he looked back to being his old self and Andy Pettitte is back to looking like the dominate pitcher he started the season being. Tonight is an important start for Javier Vazquez who has looked very good his last few starts. If he has a solid outing or better yet picks up a dominate win than it could change his entire season. So much of the game is mental and if Javy gets some confidence in his stuff it could make his entire season. The Bombers have not been getting the production from Texieria and A-Rod that they need to,but don’t worry these guys are pros that don’t stay in slumps an entire season. Any day now they will break out of their slumps, perhaps someone else will start, perhaps they will all be hitting on all cylinders or maybe they will all slump. Point is , don’t worry and keep your eye on the prize they will do the rest. I hear rumors all the time about potential trades the Yankees might make. Right now its just the little moves to stabilizing the line-up like bringing back Gaudin and signing other free agents for security. Don’t count on the Yankees making any big moves like Oswalt or Lee. We may bring this up again at the end of June but for now don’t even worry about it. Here is a look at tonights line-up:

Derek Jeter SS
Brett Gardner CF
Mark Teixeira 1B
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Robinson Cano 2B
Nick Swisher RF
Juan Miranda DH
Francisco Cervelli C
Kevin Russo LF

RHP Javier Vazquez

I love the Idea of putting Kevin Russo back out there. He has proven that he can hold his own in the outfield and has been pretty good with the bat too. Rember to follow us on twitter at Yankeesmagazine.