Dear Yankee fans,

Chill the F out man. Every time you turn on the radio, TV, or take to the Internet Yankee fans are screaming. They are worried. They say things like, we suck, we are terrible, Cashman is an idiot, Girardi needs to go so on and so forth. As a fellow die hard Yankee fan, seriously chill the F out. It’s May, not August. Yankee fans are more worried then Brad right before Jules eats his burger and shoots him in the chest.

The Yankees are still a game up in the Wild Card. Guess what that doesn’t even matter. Once again, it’s May. Seriously chill the F out man. The Yankees are beat up. Granderson, Posada, and Nick Johnson are all hurt. The Captain is slumping right now and Mo had two bad outings in like 10 years. It just so happens that they came back to back. They will get healthy, Jeter will break out, and the team will break out of this mini funk. They are just way too talented.

As for Cashman, cut the guy a break.  He made some of the best free agent moves that the team has seen in a long long time before last season. They won the World Series. I am pretty sure he knows more about baseball and running a ball club then Lou from Brooklyn who calls WFAN every freaking day. Hey Lou, watch the game and shut up. For a team that wins every other year we have some cry baby fans. Toughen up. You could all be Cubs fans. Think of it that way.

In closing, hey Yankee Fans chill the F out.