chad My magic eight ball says yes. It seems that Jorge Posadas foot injury is a hairline fracture and he will be missing a few weeks. I would love to see the Yankees bring up Austin Romaine or even better Jesus Montero but the fact is neither of them is ready for the majors. Chad Moeller however has ten years of MLB experience so the likelihood of anyone else coming up is slim .

The Yankees will also be in need of another outfielder now that Marcus Thames will likely be unavailable for the series against the Mets and definitely not tonight against the Rays. I suppose that there is a possibility that Swisher could be back in action in the next day or so but I see Girardi as being super careful with this one. My prediction is that Johnson will be moved to the 60 day opening up the Roster spot for Moeller and with Posada going on the DL the Yankees will be able to recall Greg Golson to play RF.

The Fact remains that the Yankees are banged up pretty bad and their corner outfield looks like most of the triple A clubs that we see. There aren’t many internal options left for the Yankees, if there is another injury they will have to look into the free agent market for help or perhaps a trade with another team.

Speaking of free agents the Yankees are said to be attending the workout today of Cuban defector Yunesky Maya. Maya is said to have a deeper repertoire than Aroldis Chapman with better secondary pitches but he is also ten years older. I don’t see him signing with any team that he doesn’t feel he has a hot train to the rotation with. At the WBC he was lights out.