If you drop a tennis ball into the Thames at Chiswick, the tidal nature of the river means that it will take three years to reach the sea, spending all that time coursing up and down The Tideway with the ebb and flow. If Marcus Thames of the NY Yankees drops a fly ball in the ninth it only takes five minutes for the Yankees to lose the game. Mondays hero Marcus Thames after walk-off glory the night before dropped a fly ball that cost the Yankees the win against the Boston Red Sox last night. It was a night of horrible weather and after nearly an hour rain delay CC Sabathia didn’t have his best stuff. Sabathia battled through seven innings of four hit one run ball and then it all came unraveled for the Yankees when Joba Chamberlain came in. Then Mariano Rivera struggled for his second consecutive night giving up the unearned runs. (see Thames drop) that cost them victory.
The Yankees had a golden opportunity in the ninth inning with a runner on third and one out in a one run game but could not get it done. Days like this happen Im over it already you can’t win them all. But Wait there is more. After Josh Beckett gave up a double to Robinson Cano that put the Yankees up 5-0 the pitching coach came out to the mound and signaled to the bullpen. After realizing there was nobody ready in the pen the trainer and the coach came rushing to the mound and claimed Beckett was hurt. At this point the Yankees filed an official protest and if they win the second half of the game will be replayed later this summer.Girardi’s dispute is not weather or not Beckett was injured but that they failed to announce the injury before signaling to the bull pen. If they lose than the Red Sox did a great job of pulling off some bush league crap that helped them stay in the game. Boston still thinks of Beckett as their number one guy. I wonder if they want to share some of the drugs they are taking. He is a shell of the pitcher he once was and Like Johnathon Paplebum is a horrible sportsman and the worst excuse for a role model to kids in Boston history. The Red Sox were once a proud team with a ton of integrity now they resort to temper tantrums and fake injuries to save face. In a way its kind of sad, but i guess the mere fact that they will not even be in contention come september is punishment enough.