It was just a matter of time before the Bombers were back on top and with six stright wins and a couple of losses by the Rays. The Latest a perfect game by big mouth Braden.  But we will save talking about that Jerk to those who give a shit if his grandma walks across his mound. The Yankees have been on Fire and Its all because of great pitching and timely hitting. The latest of the two vitorys have been the absolute destruction of the Boston Red Sox. When I watch the Sox all I can think of is that scene from the movie Better Off Dead with the Asian Howard Coasel impersonator saying ” The once great champions now beaten to a pulp.” Along with the utter destruction of the Red Sox has come the rebirth of Mark Texieria who had a total of three homers in the last 28 games before yesterday when he had three homers over five innings. In the last two days the Yankees have outscored the Red Sox 24-6 I cant remember the Red Sox being so bad ever. I predicted that they would not be competing for a playoff spot this year but I didn’t predict that they would be awful.

Tonights likely beating will come at the Hand of 4-0 Aj Burnett matching up against John Lester 2-2 and the only decent pitcher they have so they might even make a game of it. But if it is left up to the Bull pens you might as well bring out the brooms because a sweep will be imminent.