The Yankees are seemingly unstoppable. The only time they seem to lose is when Vazquez pitches. We will get to that in a minute, The Yankees won another series against the struggling White  Sox.  Friday the Yankees seemed to mow them down on a night that Pettitte didnt have his best stuff early he battled through and behind a big night from Jeter who went 3 for 4 with 4 RBI in the 6-4 victory.

Saturday the Yankees did not fair so well as Javy Vazquez gave up five runs and lasted only three innings. The Yankees Battled back getting Javy off the hook for the loss but the bull pen faultered and the Whites sox edged them out 7-6. The Yankees came right back out on Sunday and took the Sox to the woodshed with a 12-3 . Brett Gardner has his first HR of the season and just about everyone participated in this slug fest. Interesting question , When the Yankees were up 11-0 Michael Kay, an announcer to for the YES network, talked about how when you are up by so many run that you ” call off the wolves” By this he means  that you dont steal bases and you  dont Bunt runners over. He also said that you dont swing on a 3-0 count. This is the part that I disagree with. You dont give up a chance to get a hit ever. Batters will protect there batting averages. If its a strike you can bet that the Yankees will be swinging.. Its also important to mention that this was another great outing for Phil Hughes who is now 3-0 with a 1.44 ERA. Easily the best pitcher in the AL right now. That kind of production from the number five guy is more than anyone could ask for.

Speaking of great pitchers CC Sabathia took the mound Monday night and  pitched a solid eight innings only giving up one run.  Joba Chamberlain came out in the nineth to nail down his forth victory of this young season. Rivera was unavailable as he is nursing a small injury. Sabathia is now 4-1 2.74 ERA The Orioles countered with Jeremy Guthrie who was almost as good going seven solid innings of baseball. The big blow was in the forth when Randy Winn hit his first HR of the season, a three run shot that was the difference maker.

Tomorrows is another 7 oclock start against the Orioles as  AJ Burnett takes the mound trying to go to 4-0. What better a team to face than the Orioles who are awful. The Yankees remain just one game behind the Rays who for some reason hold the top spot in the ESPN Power rankings even though they only have one wins against teams with a winning record and that was against Javy Vaqwuez whom the Yankees have decided to skip his next start which would have been in Boston. The day off on Thursday allows them a bit of flexibility. The hostile environment of Fenway is no place to work out your issues.