To think that the Yankees were going to win every series would be dumb. Losing this series isn’t particularly hurtful. The Angels are red hot winning seven of thier last ten games.

The first loss was a game where Burnett didn’t have his best stuff but still kept them in the game after 6.1 innings only to have the bull pen take the loss 6-4. This brought Andy Pettitte up to do what he has been doing from the start. That would be dominating.  He gave up one run in eight innings for his third win. Andy has thrown  28 innings and only given up four runs  for a record of 3-0 and an ERA of 1.29. Would it not be amazing if Pettitte won 20 games this season and was in contention for the CY Young. Yeah yeah I know its not going to happen but it would be cool. That brings us to the rubber game and Javier Vazquez. He is obviously struggling and he knows it. In yesterdays outing he lasted just 3.2 innings giving up five runs for his third loss of the season. Last season he was good in the National league. He has had success in the AL in the past and I haven’t quite written him off yet. But the question will come up soon, how many times do you keep putting him out there if he is not producing. The answer is simple, As long as you can afford to do so. How many is to many is up to Joe Girardi not a decision that will need to be made soon.

Next up is the helpless Orioles. We will see Phil Hughes, CC Sabathia and AJ Burnett. This is going to be a slaughter and a sweep the O’s have been awful.