The wait  is finally over and this season is begining like it should with the biggest rivalry in the history of sports going head to head on prime time TV. Tonights Espn Sunday Night Baseball is almost certain to be a classic opening day before the first pitch is even thrown as the Yankees will battle the Boston Red Sox at 8pm live from Fenway park. The line ups have not been officially announced yet but Ill bet the Yankees starting nine looks like this

Jeter, Johnson, Texieria, A-rod, Posada, Cano, Swisher, Granderson, Gardner. With Sabathia on the mound. I don’t think there will be many that disagree that this is the best line-up in baseball. Not sure if it will be exactly that order but I am fairly certain that the top four will go that way.

One Final addition to the Yankees 25 man roster is Marcus Thames winning a bench role pushing left handed reliever Boone Logan to Scranton. However dont be suprised if we see him at some point this season. Damaso Marte has not always been the healthiest of left handed relievers and Logans arm may be needed at some point this season in that capasity. A lot has been said about how good the Red Sox Rotation will be and how they are an improved team. I really dont see it. Beckett, Lackey, and  Lester may be a formidable top three but they have alot of questions after that. Thier defence is better but I think they are losing something offensively without Bay and Lowe. They have a tough back end of the bull pen but thier middle relief is sketchy at best. But hey, time will tell. It’s my opinion and you can shout about it all you like but 162 games from now I will have the last laugh.

Josh Beckett will get the start for the Sox tonight and I think the Yankees will take advantage of his inability to keep it in the park consistantly. My prediction is A-rod kicking one over the green monster between the 5th and 7th innings with runners on base. That my friends will be the differance in this game that you will hopefully watch again and again on Yankees classics. My prediction Yankees 7 Boston 5.