Hold on to your hats kids the Yankees have announced that Curtis Granderson will be thier starting Center Fielder. I know its a huge shocker right? Next thing you know they will be announcing Mariano Rivera as their closer and CC Sabathia as thier opening day starter. This suprise move will shift Brett Gardner to Left field.

Granderson who was aquired during the off season from the Tigers  did not fair well against left handed pitching but under the instruction of hitting coach Kevin Long the Yankees are hoping those days are behind him. Granderson will start everyday even against Lefties.

Left Fielder Brett Gardner will have a bit more preasure on him to preform as the Yankees have Randy Winn and Marcus Thames who would both love to swoop in and steal the everyday job from him. Gardner had an awful spring with the bat. Last season Gardner had a great spring and then started off slow eventually loseing the full time spot to Melky Cabrerra. Gardner hopes that this year will be the opposite and that he will hold on to the possition for the entire season.

Get ready folks Sunday is the big day. Oh yea and its Easter too. (so my wife keeps reminding me)