The Yankees officially announced that Phil Hughes would be their fifth starter. For much of the spring Alfredo Aceves seemed to be dealing more than anyone else. Until that day came when Joe Girardi told the Pitchers to stop working on things from here on out it all counts. It was that very day that Hughes responded and was hands down the best choise for the fifth starter job. Joba Chamberlain is probably disappointed but will likely land as the eighth inning guy where he has had so much success. We should also remember that there will be needs for spot starters from time to time that might go to Sergio Mitre , Aceves or Chamberlain. Its a long season and injury’s are bound to happen. But for now the rotation is set and Phil Hughes has been given the ball. Here is my Rookstradomous prediction 12-11 era 3.93 . I think If he does that as the fifth starter the Yankees will be more than happy.

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