Rafael DePaula from Blake Bentley on Vimeo.

Rafeal Depaula may sign soon and hopefully it will be with the Yankees. the 17 year old hurler topped 94 on the gun during a showcase for the Yankees and the Mariners. Depaula was suspended for year because of the belief that he had lied about his age but now those problems are behind him. Depaula also throws a slider,curve and a change up that are all quite polished for someone who is only 17. Not to mention a fastball that can hit 97 on the gun.

Depaulas troubles began when he used his sister Rafaela’s paperwork with the a whited out to make himself a year younger than he actually was. Now that his suspension is over it seems that the Yankees and the Mariners are the front runners and it will come down to signing bonus’s as a deciding factor. Scouts are impressed with his Mechanics. Seems the 6’3 inch hurler has a smooth motion that looks effortless as the ball flys out of his hand at 95 mph.  With a little bit of luck we just might see this kid in pinstripes real soon.

chrck out the link to  see him in action