The Yankees have moved one step closer today to determining who will be their fifth starter by placing starter/reliever Chad Gaudin on waivers. If he is not picked up in ten days the Yankees can release him and pay a quarter of his salary (737500) or send him to the minors and pay his whole salarey which is 2.9 million . There are rumors out their that suggest that they may try to trade him to the Dodgers for Jamie Hoffman but he makes way to much for the Dodgers to want to do that.

Any of the other scenarios  would not surprise me. I think a trade may be unlikely as most teams that are interested probably will just wait to see if the Yankees release him. I think that he pitched well enough last season that the Yankees may hold onto him in Scranton as additional rotation insurance. Then again maybe not 2.9 million is a lot of money to spend on an insurance policy.