Those of you who have been Yom readers for the last couple of years will remember our Yesterday today and tomorrow series, It was my way of catching you all up on things in Yankees land when I have been busy with other projects for a couple of days.

Yesterday: Alfredo Aceves took the mound to show the Yankees that he deserved a shot at the number five spot and he blew it, Ace allowed five runs on five hits in four and a third innings. As we are getting closer to the start of the season a I would think that his opportunity has passed. Im not going  out on a big limb here when I predict Phil Hughes will be your fifth starter.

Today: Todays rain out put the Yankees in a tough spot they have to many pitchers that need to get innings in and not enough baseball to make it all happen. Joe Girardi has gone to the phones hopeing to get some extra aplit squad exhibitions. With the minor league schedule begining  he hasnt ruled  out  getting them some work there but would perfer to go against major leauge hitting. Also today Catcher Jesus Montero was sent down. Girardi states that there is no doubt about Montero as a hitter but the young catcher needs to continue to work on the finer points of his defensive game. He has come allong ways and will start the season at Scranton. I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets called up at some point this season If not I think he will deffinately be ready for next season.

Tomorrow: The Yankees will pitch an inter-squad game where Andy Pettite and Joba Chamberlain will pitch. AJ Burnett and Phil Hughes will pitch on the road vs the Phillies. This will probably be the last opportunity for Hughes and Chamberlain to impress before the Yankees select a fifth starter which may happen later this week.