Yesterday Phil Hughes pitched four scoreless innings in a Yankee loss and looked great giving up no runs on three hits with one walk and two strikeouts. Today Joba Chamberlain answered with Gas. He worked quickly and went right after every hitter and the results were every bit as fabulous. Chamberlain went four innings giving up two hits one walk and struck out five includeing a 1.2.3. ninth inning. He was so effective in fact that afterward he threw another three simulated hitters in the bull pen just to get his work in.

Makes you wonder if Joba heard what people were saying after his last outing. You know the one where he looked horrible and prople were mentioning not only the possibility of Joba starting in the pen,but the possibility that he could start in Scranton. Its a whole new ball game not that the results matter. If the decision had to be made based on the last two days the Job would go to Joba in my mind. But each of the 5th starter candidates will get one more start before people begin to ger eliminated. This is where things get fun, We will probably see Aceves pitch on Sat or he may start in relief on Friday.

In  other spring training news. Funny helmet or not Fransisco Cervelli can flat out hit. Adding three more hits to his spring he is now batting a modest .583. Brett Gardner is starting to heat up with two hits bringing his average up to .240. Randy Winn and Marcus  Thames both had a hit bringing thier total to three each. Tommarow I will give you my 25 man roster predictions.

I also wanted to tell you all about a great new sports site called Its one stop shopping for all your favorite sports news right out the box without any of the fluff. They have brought me on board to be their baseball expert. ( a wise choice I may add)  In the mean time follow me on twitter at Yankeesmagazine