Most of you know by now how I feel about the competition for the number five spot in the Yankees Rotation. For those of you that don’t I have been saying since the beginning of the spring that the number five spot shouldnt go to Joba Chamberlain or Phil Hughes without being earned. It should go to the best man for the job. If we look at what we have been getting so far from them would you want them starting in your rotation? I wouldn’t . My pick for the fifth spot is Alfredo Aceves. So far this spring he has been brilliant, and I mean brilliant. He has thrown 10 innings giving up  only one run and three hits and striking out five.

Who knows maybe the Yankees will wise up and realize that a bull pen that has Huges and Chamberlain in it could be the best in the game. Has either of them proven anything as a starter? Yes they both project to be starters long term but this  is about winning now. I know I am right, what do you think?