Every March I give a free plug to a Company called Eternal Image. These guys are the only ones in the world who will promise to let everyone know I am a Yankees fan even after Im dead.

How you ask? eternal Image carrys a line of mlb themed coffins and urns that assures my fanhood even after my death. I have it in my will that I am to be creamated and my remains placed in a NY Yankees urn. (My wife is hesitant but I promised her if she does not comply I would haunt her till the day that she died, after which she begrudgingly agreed.

Every Major League Baseball™ urn is hand-designed using die-cast aluminum with proprietary clear coat finish. Each urn sits atop a “home plate” base outlined in black. Each also features a baseball display dome at the top in which a favorite collectible baseball can be displayed. (Please note: the urn comes with a baseball, which the purchaser or
familycan replace with a special ball from their own collection.)

The Major League Baseball™ caskets will be coming soon. The teams featured on the caskets will coordinate with the urns already released. The first eight teams include the Atlanta Braves, Boston Red Sox, Chicago Cubs, Detroit Tigers, Los Angeles Dodgers, New York Yankees, Philadelphia Phillies and St. Louis Cardinals.
The caskets are crafted from our proprietary composite and decorated with various woods and metals. Like the urns, each casket is instantly recognizable for the team after which it is designed. The interior fabric features the team logo and colors for the pillow and fabric trim.

If baseball isn’t your thing ( cant imagine it) they also carry other designs including star trek and precious moments. Hell maybe if i keep plugging these guys every year they will give me a coupon.