After his second concussion in less than a year and the tenth of his 24 years Fransisco Cervelli has decided to adopt the new batting helmet that was made famous by Mets slugger David Wright.

The Helmet called the s100 made by Rawlings features :

  • Four independent layers of protection make up the Advanced Impact Management System
  • Composite insert provides additional durability in critical ball impact locations
  • Built with a multiple impact extended polypropylene (EPP) liner for added protection
  • Uses Pro-Dri as a moisture management wicking material that also fights bacteria
  • Outlast Thermocules continually absorb, store and release excess body heat to balance temperature and humidity buildup.   What does all that mean? It means his noodle is protected.  Manager Joe Girardi said that he wasnt going to require Cervelli to adopt the state of the art helmet but after giving his strong recommendation Cervelli quickly adopted it.
  • “It’s not about how I look,” Cervelli said. “I’ve got to take care. If it’s for my health, I’ve got to do it.” Cervelli  knows that he will take some ribbing from his teammates,  Jorge Posada already had knick named him Gazoo. Fransisco is a very humble player and just happy to be in the big leagues , If looking silly keeps him there a bit longer I bet he would even wear a dress.

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