Seems to me that Joba Chamberlain and  Phil Hughes arent really all that impressive so far. Joba and Hughes have both been getting beat up. Neither of them has been spectacular when pitching on the big stage although both of them have shown signs of brilliance. The only place that they have thrived is in the pen.
This brings us to the others , Alfredo Aceves, Sergio Mitre, Chad Gaudin, Do any of these guys havea shot? I personally think that Aceves or Gaudin are the better choices for number five guy. Imagine a pen with Joba and Hughes setting up for Mariano Rivera. I have said it before and I will say it again If the Yankees did this they would certainly repeat as world champions.
The Yankees of old would do what ever it takes to win now. The Yankees of now are concerned with the progress of these two young talents as members of the Rotation. Im sorry but they havent shown me anything that even resembles the future ace’s that they are hyped up to be.
Alfredo Aceves and Chad Gaudin both have experience as starters. How important is the fith starter position? How much more important is a air tight bull pen,
Now the Yankees don’t think the same way as me and this is why Phil Hughes will win the spot. Or maybe he wont.