Todays big story was Javier Vazquez. It started out a little rough as he gave up a home run right off the bat before settling down and striking out four batters over two innings including  striking out the side in the second inning, Vazquez came with his whole arsenal of fastballs, change ups and curve balls. Javier says that he has learned not to lean on his fastball as much as he used to and if today is a preview of what we will see from him in the regular season I think the Yankees will be tough to dethrone as World Champs.

Fransisco Cervelli has been given a clean bill of health from the nerologist and will be returning to the lineup most likely on Friday but will begin to due baseball related activities starting Tuesday.

Some of you have emailed me wondering about the A-Rod FBI thing and why I haven’t mentioned it. The answer is because it is stupid and should have no bearing on anything. If its not baseball related we simpley don’t care. reporting it would make me just one more journalist trying to destroy Americas pastime. I think we all know there are enough of those around.