The Bombers seemed to pick up where they left off with a three run walk off home run by Collin Curtis to put the Pirates out to sea and cap off the 6-3 Spring opener. This time AJ Burnett wasn’t around for the traditional pie in the face but apparently he got one after winning the race car game at the Yankees arcade outing.

Today’s outing was a bit more Challenging as the Bombers faced off against the NL Champion Phillies. It was the battle of two Aces as Roy Halladay vs CC Sabathia. Halladay looked as if he picked up where he left off last year with two scoreless innings striking out three batters in the Phillies 3-2 victory.

Sabathia also put up two innings of scoreless ball but showed a little rust allowing two hits and two walks.   Next up for the Yankees its the Rays at 1:05pm. Check back in the morning for linups and pregame babble and dont forget to follow us on Twitter at Yankeesmagazine.