Last season much was made over an apparent riff between pitcher AJ Burnett and catcher Jorge Posada.  The problems began over an august blowout loss to the Red Sox in which AJ supposedly was pitching without conviction. This was exageratted greatly by the press in an effort to create a story where there really wasnt one. The fact that Burnett  used Molina as his personal catcher for most of the rest of 2009 just added fuel to the fire. Looking back at that game in Boston when Aj Flushed a six run lead he stated that they werent on the same page bu that it was his fault.

Posada caught AJ’s first bullpen yesterday and Posada says he loves to catch AJ and that he gets up for it. You will probably see Posada catch most of Burnetts games this season. The whole thing about Aj and Posada having some problem with each other is just silly and this season will certainly prove it.