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John Heyman is a great writer. But I have to disagree with almost every point in the fist part of this piece.

1. It lists Bostons offense as going from so so to supurb. Humm is Cammeron better than Bay? Maybe but its not as big of a diferance than it once would have been. Ill give you Beltre being better than Lowell. But Lowell is the better hitter. Marco Scutaro is decent offensively but to call him a superb defender is an overstatement.

2.Moving Ellsbury to left should be ok but if for one minute you think Mike Cammeron is going to cover more ground in center I would think you are insane.

3. He suggests that Lackey is their number three pitcher. I would say he should be thier best. Although Lester is very underratted and may be ready to show himself as one of the elite in the leauge. Beckett gave up 25 Homers last year not good.

4. Ok I can go along with his pitching assessment to an extent but to say they may have the best defense in baseball is ridiculous.

you all can disagree with me all you want but there is no way that the Red Sox have a better defence than the Yankees. If you match them up position by position I think that the Yankees win almost every matchup with the exception of left field and perhaps second base, but if anyone trys to tell me that Scutaro is better than Jeter in any aspect put down the crack pipe.