The Detroit Tigers and Johnny Damon have reached an agreement worth 8 million dollars for one year. The Yankees had offered Damon a two year deal earlier in the off season but Damon was in his $13 million a year over two years mode. When Damon came to the realization that he wasn’t going to get it , it was to late. The Yankees had traded for Curtis Granderson, Randy Winn and signed Marcus Thames, leaving no place for Damon.

Many of the offers that Damon had been looking at included deffered money ,except for the deal that Detroit offered .

Damon will split time between left field and DH and will most likely bat leadoff. Damon certainly replaces Granderson in the offensive department. But defensively Damon is a liability compared to Curtis who plays a gold glove caliper defense is younger and less expensive. I wish Damon all the best but I have to say that the Yankees made a good move cutting loose the 36 year old outfielder who is almost sure not to repeat his fabulous 2009 season.