It was the second inning of the ALCS when Jonny Damon, then with the Red Sox, took the very first pitch he saw from Javier Vazquez over the wall for a grand slam putting the Red Sox up 6-0 after the second inning. After Derek Jeter put up a run in the third giving the Yankees a glimmer of hope, Damon took Vazquez deep again putting the Sox up 8-1 and effectively running Vazquez out of NY.
Damon went on to help the Red Sox win their first World Series since 1918 removing the Curse of the Bambino (If you believe in that sort of thing)
The Yankees acquired Damon in December of 2005 . After being a Yankee home-wrecker with the Sox Damon earned his pinstripes with the Yankees , helping them regain the title of World Champions in 2009.
Now the tides have turned, Damon after being offered a reasonable contract with the Yankees is out and Vazquez after having a career year with the Braves is back. Vazquez first half of 2004 was brilliant and hes hungry to prove that it wasn’t a fluke. Last season Vazquez went 15-10 with an ERA of 2.87 and finished fourth in the voting for the NL Cy Young award. The Yankees only need him to be a forth starter If he is this good again you wont hear the Yankees whimper a word about 2004 or about those HR to Damon or about his second half collapse of 2004. Vaquez says that he regrets the way he parted ways with the Yankees the first time around and that he knows that he could have done better and an undisclosed injury may have played a part in his 2004 demise. Vazquez states that this is a chance of redemption for him, a chance to prove that he is the pitcher went to the All Star game after the first half of 2004, the guy who had 200+ innings for the last ten years and the guy who is going to help lead the Yankees to another Championship in 2010.