Some of you may be wondering why we don’t write more stories about the Athletes personal shortcomings. Like Migel Caberea being a drunk, Grady Sizemore being a man whore, or A-rod not being able to keep his pants on. Yes yes I did touch on the Joba DWI thing a little, but that was because the video was just so damn entertaining.

So I make this pledge to you. You will never again hear me use phases like ” Its Just Manny being Manny” or any of the following words : Juiced, HGH,Man Whore, Hooker or substance abuse.

For gods sake man this is a baseball site. Many writers seem to think tearing apart the game we love is news. I think its just sick. So the next time you read about some player beating his wife or exposing himself to a minor, don’t come hear looking for the follow up story. I think the title says it all.

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