cc The great Rookstradomous has done it again. At halftime our friend Genevosey was crying about his super bowl squares and how he wasn’t going to win anything. It was at that moment I , the great Rookstradomous, declared the final score to be 31-17 .

Now that the Saints have won their first super bowl in franchise history we can set football aside and start thinking about what is really important, Baseball!

April 4th is right around the corner when the New York Yankees will be facing the Boston Red Sox in the season opener. The game will be ESPN’s Sunday night baseball game live from Fenway park. Of course this means that we will have to listen to those awful ESPN announcers on the first day.(Actually I will mute the TV and listen to John and Susan on the Radio).

The Game will likely feature CC Sabathia vs John Lackey. Here is my guess at the opening day line-ups.

Yankees Batting Order                                         Red Sox Batting Order

1. Derek Jeter                                                              1.  Jacoby Ellsbury

2. Nick Johnson                                                           2.  Dustin Pedroia

3. Mark Teixeira                                                            3. Victor Martinez

4. Alex Rodriguez                                                          4. Kevin Youkils

5. Jorge Posada                                                                5. David Ortiz

6. Robinson Cano                                                             6.  JD Drew

7. Curtis Granderson                                                       7,  Adrian Beltre

8. Nick Swisher                                                                   8. Mike Cammeron

9. Brett Gardner                                                                 9 Marco Scutaro

These two teams are both stacked to the rim with talent. The Red Sox have a better defensive line-up than the Yankees but both teams have a potent 1-4. After 4 the Sox tend to drop off in offensive production but will flash some leather for sure. The main reason the Yankees will have the edge here though is bull pen depth. If Joba or Hughes slots as the set up guy for Mariano Rivera the Yankees have enough depth that it quickly becomes a six or seven inning game.

Game two prediction :Josh Beckett vs AJ Burnett

Game three prediction: Jon Lester vs Andy Pettite

Its hard to put a lot of stock in the first series of the season due to the fact that everyone will still be trying to scrape the rust off, but this one could be a great  right out of the gate. I know its still eight weeks away but time will go bye quickly. Seems like only yesterday that CC took the mound in the 2009 version of the Yankees home opener where he didn’t look all that grand in his first day in pinstripes. The Big man went 5.2 innings giving up 5 hits and 5 walks. Although he only gave up one run you could tell he didn’t feel comfortable the whole game. It didn’t help that he was being outpitched by Cliff Lee. Little did he know that the two would meet again under entirely different circumstances. Anyhow Jose Veras and Damaso Marte gave up 9 runs in the seventh and the Indians sealed the 10-2 victory.

2010 will be a different story, Jose Veras now blows games for the Indians  and Marte is no longer given the burden of being the go to guy. After that no decision Sabathia went on to win 19 of the next 34 decisions and got his name mentioned in the running for the Cy Young. This season he wants to bring it home that Cy Young along with another world series ring.