aj-burnett.news The Spring Preview continues here on Yankees Online Magazine with the arms. We will take a look at something good, bad, and some predictions. Without further ado.

Starting Pitching:

CC Sabathia: 1000% chance he is the opening day starter. Something Good; CC is the Yankees number one pitcher. He was a 19 game winner last year including a ALCS MVP. He hurled 230 innings and seemed to always step it up in when the Yankees needed it during the regular season. Something Bad; I guess the only bad thing I can say about CC is that he is one more Subway sandwich away from being out of the league. Predictions; Yankee fans will see more of the same. 230+ innings, 20 wins, and some playoff magic. I see no other reason to think otherwise, unless of course he goes at another Sub.

A.J. Burnett: Burnett is the Yankees second starter and will obviously be on the opening day roster. Something Good; Burnett is coming off of two straight injury free seasons. Burnett was always hampered by injuries in the past. Burnett has one of the best curve balls in baseball and will be solid for the Yanks. Something Bad; Burnett is erratic at times. You never know which A.J. is going to show up. Is it going to be the guy who won 13 games and struck out 195 guys or the guy who had an ERA over 4 and has that one inning where he lets up 100 runs. Predictions; More of the same. Burnett will be up and down but is still has better stuff then anyone in the league when he is on.

Andy Pettitte: Andy is from the “old guard”. He will be the Yankees 3rd starter who performs like a solid number 2. Something Good; In a big game there is nobody the Yankees would rather have on the mound and that includes CC Sabathia. When the stakes are up Andy shows up big. There is a reason he is the all time postseason wins leader. Something Bad; Pettitte is 37 years old and at times looks it. He is going to let up 4 runs a game. If the bats aren’t going for the Yanks Pettitte is not going to rack up the wins. Predictions; Pettitte will do what Pettitte always does. He will 190 plus innings and keep his team in games. There is nobody better at giving their team a chance to win.

Javier Vazquez: The newcomer/retread will make the team and be an effective fourth starter that the Yankees were missing. Something Good; Vazquez strikes people out. He fanned 238 hitters last year in 249 innings pitched. Nasty. He is coming back to NY but in a new stadium that favors pitchers who can strike guys out. Something Bad; Well the Yankees have tried this before and it was a wash. Can Vazquez pitch in New York? Only time will tell.

Joba Chamberlain: I think Joba wins the job out of spring training for no other reason then Hughes is more valuable in the bullpen and Joba wants to start. Something Good; Joba has great stuff at times. He can throw gas.  Hopefully as a full time no limit starter he can learn how to pitch and be more effective. Something Bad; Can he start? Can Joba be an effective starter in the big leagues? At times he showed he could. Right after the all-star break he had 3 amazing starts in a row. The big question is can he do that over the course of the year. Predictions; Joba is relieving by the middle of the season.


Phil Hughes; On the team and possibly starting after the break. Something Good; Hughes has found his niche. Despite his playoff woes he helped the Yankees get to the Playoffs and World Series. At this point he appears to be the natural successor to Mo. Something Bad; There are a couple things here to look at. One, does he have the mental ability to pitch late in meaningful games and the playoffs? Nobody knows right now. The second, are the Yanks wasting a first class starter? Predictions; He starts by the all-star break and Joba switches with him as the set up guy.

Mo Rivera; Yeah enough said.

Alfredo Aceves; Aceves will be on the roster opening day. Something Good; He showed that he can pitch in big spots over the course of last season. He can pitch one inning, four innings, or start in a pinch. That is value. Something Bad; He is never going to take over games on a consistent basis. Predictions; A valued member of the pitching staff both long relieving and spot starting if needed.

David Robertson; Robertson showed he had some great stuff towards the end of last season. He makes the team. Something Good; He has good stuff and showed he can pitch in some big spots when Girardi called on him. Robertson also strikes people fanning 63 in 43.2 innings. That’s filthy. Something Bad; It’s obviously his inexperience. He is young and is going to get belted here and there the question is how he handles it. Predictions; get used to Dave Robertson you are going to be seeing a ton of him over the years.  

For the sake of brevity we are going to cut this short for now. We will be back with the rest of the pitchers later on! Spring Training is right around the corner so get excited Yankee Fans!!!

By Michael Genovese

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