Some  accuse the Yankees and Phillies of buying their championships do to their high payroll. Well what we are going to do is look at some of the top teams in Baseball and determine how many of their players are products of their farm systems (home grown) compared to their payroll and success.


Phillies: : Payroll $113,004,046

Record 93-69

Homegrown Players: Cole Hammels. Carlos Ruiz,J.A. Happ, Ryan Howard,Jimmy Rollins , Chase Utley,Ryan Howard,

Cardinals : Payroll  $ 88,528,409

Record 91-71

Homegrown players :Adam

Wainwright , Yadier Molina, Albert Pujols,

Red Sox: Payroll $121,745,999

Record  95-67

Homegrown players:Jonathan Papelbon ,Jon Lester,Dustin Pedroia, Jed Lowrie,Kevin Youkilis ,Jason Varitek,Jacoby Ellsbury

Yankees :  Payroll $201,449,189

Record 103-59

Homegrown players : Phil Hughes, Joba Chamberlain,Mariano Rivera, Andy Pettitte, Jorge Posada, Fransisco Cervelli, Robinson Cano,Derek Jeter, Brett Gardner, Nick Johnson

Interesting how the two teams with the highest payrolls have the highest number of homegrown talent. My point? How can you be accused of buying your way into the World Series when such a large percentage of your players are products of your farm systems. When you breed good players you have to pay them to keep them. Good players make more money. These are simple facts. You can accuse the Yankees and the Phillies of a lot of things but buying a championship should not be one of them. I commend them both on spending the money they make on keeping the players they have instead of buying their owners another Yacht.