nickspie The outfield has been the talk of the town this off-season.  The Departure of Johnny Damon, Melky Cabrera, and Hideki Matsui has received mixed reviews. Overall I think they have upgraded defensively even if they have lost a little at the plate.

Nick Swisher: 100 % chance of making the roster out of spring training. Something good: Nick had a bounce back season in 2009 . The Yankees acquired him for what works out to be a handful of magic beans. Swish has had twenty or more home runs in each of the past five seasons. Nick is a good guy to have in the clubhouse , very down to earth and in touch with  the fans. Swish is one of the guys who brought the fun back to the Bronx. Something Bad: Nick doesn’t really hit for average. A career .245 hitter he reminds me of Jason Giambi, It seems that he either hits a Home Run or strikes out. Look for: Swisher to continue to be a solid performer in 2010. With a little work with Kevin Long, the Yankees hitting coach, Swish may even be able to bring his average up a bit. Even though he struck out 126 times last  he still got  a decent number of walks with  a .371 OBP . Projection  BA .260  31 Hr  80 RBI

Brett Gardner: 95% chance he makes the 25 man roster at the end of spring training. Something good: Gardner is certainly the fastest Yankee and gives opposing pitchers nightmares every time he is on base. Gardner is also a good bunter and has a plus arm and covers a lot of ground in the outfield. Something Bad: Brett is little or no power , with only 3 HR in 248 AB . Look For: Brett to step up his game at the dish and in the field. He hears all the people saying that he is not good enough to be much more than a forth outfielder. There is a possibility that Gardner and Granderson may switch positions putting Gardner in CF where he seems like a more natural fit. Projection: BA .280  1HR 75 RBI 35 SB

Curtis Granderson: 100% chance of making the 25 man roster. Something good: By every account Granderson is one of the true “Nice Guys” in the game. All that have played with him have liked him and describe him as a team player till the end. Granderson has a bit more pop than Melky and his 30 HR last season was a career high. Granderson also has speed on the bags with 20 SB in 2009. Having two outfielders that can swipe a bag at will is a luxury the Yankees have not had in quite some time. Something Bad: Its been no secret that Granderson has a difficult time hitting left handed pitching in 2009 he hit .183 against them, but in 2008 he was considerably better hitting .259 vs lefties.Last season he batted only .249 overall, probably had to do with how bad he handled lefties. However his career average is .270 . Look For : Granderson to hit closer to his career average in 2010 with the help of hitting coach Kevin Long and a short wall in Right field.  Projection: .280  BA 32 HR 90 RBI

Greg Golson: Chance of making the opening day roster 10%. Something good: Golson has lots of speed and athletic ability. Something bad: He has never quite lived up to the hype that surrounded him. The good news is that he is only 24 and still possesses the ability to become a productive major leaguer. Look for : Golson to start in Scranton and see some action in September as a pinch runner ala Freddy Guzman.Projection BA .255 8 HR 45 RBI with Scranton.

Jamie Hoffman: Chance of making the 25 man Roster 50% Something good: Hoffman is a big guy with power that can play either corner outfield spot. Something bad: Hoffman has not had very much MLB time and putting him on the 25 man Roster is a big risk. Look for: Hoffman to get a long look at spring training as a rule five draft pick up if he doesn’t make the roster he will have to be offered back to the Dodgers. Projection: Hoffman will probably not make it and will be send back to the Dodgers.

Randy Winn: chance of making the roster 90% Something good: Winn is a veteran with speed on the base pads . He has more power than Gardner but less than Swisher and has a good arm. Something bad: Winn had a horrible 2009 the Yankees are hoping he can make a comeback like Swisher did last year and round off the outfield. Look for : Randy to be the fourth outfielder and see extra playing time against lefty pitchers as long as Granderson continues to suck against them. Projection : BA 265 9 HR 45 RBI